About us

My father spent some afternoons at the grocery Mr. Manué. There again drank wine and played the "chinos" with other older men of the people. I liked to accompany him and make "chinos" judge: aiming points, and I had laughed when they made a trapdoor.

It was not just a shop, it was not a bar or a diner: it was the grocery. An oasis in the evolution of the town, a strategic point in the morning or afternoon shopping break.

And why I should miss the grocery Mr. Manué? Why waste the try before you buy? Why I could not play when the "chinos" would make me more?

I decided to build a time machine.

- A time machine?

- You're crazy That's impossible!

- Nothing is impossible if you really want.

And build 'El Almacen del Indiano', as my time machine. Where the future of the city takes a different pace, where to buy as before, where the basket bearing pleita even food. Where gastronomy, tradition and traveling are based on one and the memories to surface.

At El Almacén del Indiano we know ham and are not satisfied with either. We tradition, quality, love and dedication. We want the best for you.

  • Tastings

    Try us in the company of friends and take that perfect moment with you.

  • Tapeo / Snacks

    Try, drink, eat, feel, that defines us.

  • The old shop

    That store to your mother sent you to buy ham, a piece of hard cheese or olives.


Feeling comfortable is always best

That friendly shopkeeper who served up a little wine, ham and cheese, also talks to you and makes entertaining this time of rest. You taste that attracts you just try and you can take home.